Monday, August 26, 2013

Over The Weekend

I'm so sad the weekend is over already.  I'm sleepy.  Mondays are the worst.  Etc.

This weekend we...

Friday after work I came home to this waiting on the kitchen table.  Which not only meant yay wine and my husband rocks, but also that we got to ditch running.  The best news ever.

Saturday, we went to the gym and ran some errands and then headed off to the beach for a picnic, some beers, and sun.  We walked along the water and collected shells and for once there were no jelly fish so I got to actually go in the water to cool off.  We played catch so Mike wouldn't get bored and laid in the sand and read our books.  It was lovely.

Then we headed off to Blue Wind Gourmet for some more beers (because it's Saturday, so why not) where I "accidentally" got a little drunk and ended up at Target...drunk.  Where I got lost and couldn't find Mike and finally turned around to find him standing at the end of an aisle shaking his head at me in embarrassment.  When I caught up with him, I said, "At least I was playing it cool when I was lost" and mimed me walking around nonchalantly with my hands in my pockets.  Which for some reason made us laugh so hard I started crying.  It was a pretty good Target trip.

Sunday, we went for a run, grabbed lunch at Chipotle where we made life plans sealed with high-fives (the only way your plans are really official is with a high-five), and then headed off to my work.  It's a long story, but I work in what was once an old house and the upstairs kitchen is gross and we don't have people that work there with the time to properly scrub that thing down.  So Mike did it.  And it's sparkly now.  Of course.  That guy, I swear. He's the best.  I read my book the whole time.  I'm helpful.

Afterwards, Mike got a headache because of the massive amounts of bleach it took to clean that joint so we relaxed in our pjs and watched soccer and bad movies.

How was your weekend?


  1. Haha I wish I had seen you at Target

    1. I would have probably drunkenly hugged you and you would have drop kicked me.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Especially the beach part. Oh, and sealing life plans with a high five. Love that.

    Cute blog! I'm your newest follower via GFC.