Sunday, August 11, 2013


So I had a thought the other day while watching The Bachelorette.  That show and The Bachelor is filled with people constantly saying they're looking for someone who is into adventure.  They have to run off at a moments notice, be spontaneous, live in the moment, and on and on. Spontaneous is seriously one of the most overused words on those shows.  And I started to feel kind of bad about myself.  Let's not even get into how tiny all the girls' thighs are on that show.  JESUS.  Or the fact that semi-hot guys are falling in love with this chick in like two week's time.  That does not happen to me.  But really, the spontaneity crap started to get to me.  Am I that boring?  Should my choice of mate have been decided by the most spontaneous guy around?

And then I had the aforementioned thought.  These chicks and semi-hot dudes are obsessed with finding a mate who will run off and live in the moment because they have never been in a committed, stable relationship.  They think spontaneity is the best thing ever and normalcy is boring.  I opened up my lunch bag the other day at work and Mike had made me a sandwich.  And he kept every ingredient separate so it didn't get soggy.  Bread in one bag, lettuce and tomato in another, and bacon in its own.  And I thought, this is not spontaneity.  This is not running off in a moment's notice.  This is some boring, old married stuff.  And I love it.  And I feel bad for those people searching for some crazy romantic life they think they can get.  Because I have a boring old b.l.t. packed with love by my boring old husband and it's truly the best.


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