Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Work

The other day at work, my boss asked me to help her pick out an outfit to wear to a music industry party she was last-minute invited to. I spent over an hour combing through my pinterest boards, rent the runway, and online shops sending her outfit ideas, options, and links to where she could buy items to create the outfits I recommended.  After sending the e-mail with all my ideas to her, I realized that was the happiest I had been at work in a long time. Which is admittedly kind of sad, but let’s not dwell.

Ever since I started doing personal style posts on my blog, I've had friends and family asking me for style advice. The times when someone has asked me to find them the perfect skirt for summer or to style some outfits for them for an event, or to find that clutch purse they've been craving for months, have made me so happy. I love searching for ideas and inspiration and helping people create those outfits without spending a ton of money.

So seriously, how do I do THAT for a living?


Frustrated Office Monkey Who Just Wants To Online Shop For Clothes All Day For You And Get Paid.


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