Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fussy Face

I am really down on myself at the moment.

I'm fussy man, real fussy.

(I'm pmsing)


And work is, you know work.  And it was raining today.  And I'm stressed about this conference I have to go to tomorrow alone and I have to drive for the first time in months which sounds dumb, but try not driving for months and then driving, it's stressful.

So I'm in a mood.

I sat in the gym doing my hard ab work out and going through the motions with our weightlifting and all I could think was, "Man, you suck at this.  Look how fat you look in those work out pants.  You are THE worst."

Not very nice.

So as I thought those thoughts and then thought, "Hey, that's super rude to think about yourself." I decided to write a blog post that was nice to myself.


Despite sometimes sucking at the gym, eating too much for dinner, and being stressed about driving for 41 minutes tomorrow, here are some things I'm good at.

Typing.  Is that a weird thing to be good at?  Whatever, I can type fast.  Thanks mom and dad for that weird typing test computer game when I was little.

Having Boobs.  Yeah, I went there.  I'm really good at having boobs.  Thanks genes.

Yeah, I have a go-to recent boob picture.  CLASSY!

Cuddling Corgis.  In the mornings, if he's not too tired, Gizmo crawls up on my chest and cuddles me until I have to get up.  It's the sweetest little thing ever.

Getting People to Make Me Cocktails.  I'm a pro at this. (I think the boobs help)

Taking Superbly Unattractive Photos.  I don't even have to try, you guys.  I'm a natural.

Gift Wrapping.  Hallmark since I was 17, ya'll.

Bitch Face.  I do a pretty good bitch face.

Eyelashes.  I get a weirdly large amount of compliments on my eyelashes.

Alfalfa Topknots.  Every time, without fail.

And apparently taking selfies, I had no shortage of those!

Now cheer up, bitch.

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