Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reasons We're Excited to Move to Denver

We are pretty g-damn excited for our upcoming move. And here are some reasons why!


The sunshine!

We have loved living on the East Coast for many reasons, but we realized after a while that the constant rainy/gloomy/freezing weather was really affecting our moods and energy levels. When we tell people we're moving to Denver, they always mention how cold it's going to be which makes us laugh because, hello, it's a high of 22 tomorrow. TWENTY-TWO. We can deal with the cold, it's the lack of sunshine that has really been cramping our style. Needless to say, moving somewhere that boasts 300 days of sunshine a year is getting us pretty excited.


The beers!

I don't think this one really needs much explanation...



If we stayed in DC, we wouldn't be able to afford to live where we work. The way it's shaping up right now, we will probably end up living within a mile or two of my work which has us right downtown. We'll be able to walk to my work and enjoy all downtown has to offer and not break the bank living there.

loveland pass

The outdoors!

Along with the better weather comes more opportunities to get outside and get moving. We have become so lazy with our exercise and hiking since we moved to the East Coast two years ago and it's really been bumming us out. When we lived in Ridgecrest, we used to go hiking in the mountains almost every weekend and then would, of course, reward ourselves with breakfast and cocktails. We can't wait to explore Denver's parks, mountains, and hiking trails and then, of course, reward ourselves with food and booze.


The food and bar scene!

One of the first things Mike said when I suggested I apply for the job that would move us to Denver was that Denver's food and cocktail scene was blowing up right now. We've got our priorities straight, I tells ya'.

(Ignore the weirdo in the green jacket)

Closer to our West Coast family!

My sister has been voting for this move ever since I first mentioned it and she's already figured out the train she needs to get to us. Get ready to see more of us weirdos!


Being less than two hours away from Vail.


And about 3 hours away from Aspen.


And about an hour away from Colorado Springs.  I am already so excited to plan all kinds of day trips and romantic getaways to these nearby areas.

We can't wait! Now, I just wish the stressful move was over and we were there already....


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