Friday, February 27, 2015

Life Lately via the iPhone

Because, isn't this just the easiest blog post ever and always?

Food pictures for days! The best thing (for me) about my husband pursuing his love for cooking is that I get to eat it. Says the person complaining that her pants are too tight...

He has officially perfected the poached egg and oh man do I love it.


He made David Chang's ramen the other day and I didn't LOVE it, but everyone else did and it made the house smell amazing so that was fun. I'm just not a big pork fan, so I would probably like it better with just veggies or chicken.

It sure was pretty though and check out his 5 minute, 10 second egg! That pink and white thing was this nutso fish cake we found at a local Asian market. 

He made his own English muffins the other day in a new pan I bought him and they were tasty!

Contemplative Corgi photos are my favorite

Packing! Again! Gizmo is not pleased. He has barfed once already.

Snow! It's been very snowy here lately which is gorgeous and freezing and a tidbit inconvenient. Although, I will never understand why some East Coast people freak out so much about the snow. You live here, it's a normal occurrence, people.

The best part about snow is that you sometimes get to work from home because your train is cancelled for the day and then you get to work while snuggling a pug. 

And your husband makes you lattes with frothed almond milk. The best.


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