Thursday, February 26, 2015

Work Inspiration for Laura

Hey look, I'm blogging again! And it's about clothes! Weird.

My lovely sister Laura wanted some inspiration for work clothes that are cool, but not too casual.

Here you go, L!

Inspiration  *  Dress  *  Boots  *  Scarf  *  Tights  *  Earrings
(I have those boots btw and they rock)

Inspiration  *  Pants  *  Top  *  Sweater  *  Shoes  *  Earrings

Inspiration  *  Skirt  *  Sweater  *  Top  *  Shoes  *  Earrings
(Top for warmer months and sweater for colder)

Inspiration  *  Skirt  *  Top  *  Shoes  *  Necklace


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