Thursday, November 26, 2015


It's cheesy, it's stupid, but it's true. I am supremely thankful this Thanksgiving. Not just for the delicious handmade biscuits my husband just served me, or the beautiful sight of snow falling outside my window, but for the fact that as the years pass, they keep getting better and better. I'm thankful because I can look behind me and see despair and hopelessness and know that it wasn't true; that things do indeed always get better, I get better. I'm just so lucky in so many ways and happy and thankful and cheesy and stupid.

I'm thankful for...

(this is a photo HEAVY post you guys, be prepared)

Him. The him I thought would never come. The him that gets better every day/month/year and who gives me exactly what I need in a friend, husband, and partner in crime. Oh man, this guy.

Family. No two ways about it, they're a stone cold pack of weirdos, but they're always there for us no matter what I wouldn't trade them in the for the world.

(I'm sorry Jason, I love this picture so much)

Friends. I don't like many people in general and I consider our friends a close tribe of caring, giving, supreme weirdos who I couldn't live without. No matter what we go through or how far away we move from each other, the second we're together, it's like we've never been apart. I can't believe how long we've all been friends and how many amazing memories we have together. 

The Pups. I can't even talk about the pups without getting weepy. They're my first babies and I love them to pieces. They make my day better just by coming home and being greeted by them and they're just so damn cute and loving.

I'm also thankful for cheese.

The end.


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