Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Things I wish for:

  • Earbuds that fit in my freakishly tiny ear holes
  • A cable package that includes Bravo (Real Housewives...I miss you!)
  • To actually care about stupid things that I'm supposed to care about, but just can't bring myself to give one tiny crapadoodle about
  • Our dogs to be able to talk to us and tell us how they're feeling (I'm convinced Gizmo is depressed)
  • That dog in the complex that won't stop barking to SHUT THE HELL UP
  • Patience
  • More patience
  • To feel good when working out instead of beating myself up the whole time
  • Unlimited air travel
  • To not want to constantly grow out my bangs
  • A baby
  • A backyard
  • Donald Trump to disappear
  • More wine

The end.

Wish with stick figure dandelion seed head stem Dandelion art print Typography Art Print by CarnivalePress, $10.00:


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