Sunday, November 22, 2015

Life Lately (per usual)

So, I'm not dead. Just boring. And busy.

But here's another in a long line of cliche iPhone dump posts. Because, why the hell not.

First, the food!

From time to time, I eat avocado toast like the basic bitch that I am.

The other day I came home to surprise French onion soup and it was as good as it looks.

Mike spent all day Veteran's Day making cookies that started as a disaster and ended as DELICIOUS.

We decided to do Thanksgiving alone this year and Mike is creating a Southern themed menu inspired by A Chef's Life. The menu is, in my uncool and unfancy words: pork chops with red eye gravy, hoppin' john, collard greens, handmade biscuits, and a bourbon and pecan pie with handmade crust. This is a picture of him walking home from the butcher carrying a bag filled with pork and lard (while wearing a pork pie hat, of course).


My sister visited! We took pretty pictures by a river. (creek? river? what is this thing?)

Then she took a pretty picture and I did this.

And we went for a hike! And the LEAVES! Come on, Denver, come on with that! So damn pretty.


We took a quick trip to San Diego to visit my best friend since 2nd grade and her new little baby. I won't post photos of someone else's baby on here, but trust me, she's the CUTEST THING EVER.

Mike likes to take photos of Evan being contemplative and handsome.

Do I always make this face when holding a cocktail? I'm thinking yes.

Is there anything sexier than smile lines? Nope.

Came home with a new piece of art for my cubicle from my nephew Grady and it's kind of the best (it's cheese, he gets me you guys).

The Pups!

It snowed! It's all melted already! I love Denver.

A boy and his dogs.

The end! How are you weirdos?


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