Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Lately

Hey I'm back! Was I gone? Who cares.

So what's been going on? Mike had a birthday and I didn't take any photos, but we had cake and a fancy dinner at Rioja  and he used some birthday money to buy a pasta maker which is really a present to me too, when you think about it.

He also got the new guitar hero which is too hard for me to play because I'm an idiot and why did they take away the color coded buttons?!

It snowed a bunch. 

I cut even more of my hair off and love it even more. Can you be addicted to cutting off your hair?

I was in a really bad mood before my haircut and then walked in to the salon and this little lady was staring up at me. Mood fixed!

We binge watched Hobbit Appendices and drank cocktails, like g-damn adults (nerds).

Then I had a birthday! Mike made my all time favorite cheesecake and people at work gave me shit all day for bringing my own cake instead of having them buy me one and then they ate it and were like OH RIGHT THIS IS GOOD. 

Mike got me this super cute wallet and I'm so proud of his awesome color choices (it's more mint in real life)

We celebrated my birthday by flying to Northern CA and visiting two of our favorite people and their new little baby. I took barely any photos because I was having too much fun and also O would mock me if I took photos of my food like a basic B. We spent most of our time lounging in leggings, squishing the baby, eating L's amazing cooking (she made me a skillet cookie for my birthday that I might have to marry), visiting the Disney museum, driving around, and just enjoying our friends. It was perfect.

We thought a late flight the night before would save us a travel day, and then the flight was delayed until midnight and it blew. Our pouty faces are attractive, no?

O&L's dog has human eyes and he's the weirdest, sweetest little thing ever.

And this baby? Baby fever times one thousand engage, folks.


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