Monday, January 4, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

I just realized I never really blogged about Thanksgiving! I talked about it a bit here, but it deserves it's own post, I think.

Thanksgiving this (last?) year was pretty dang great. We decided to spend it alone and have Mike cook a giant themed meal and to just lay around all day in comfy clothes and watch holiday movies. Mike chose a Southern Thanksgiving as his theme because of all the Chef's Life we've been binge watching. I love this show, but it does make you absolutely starving every time you watch it.

Check it out here.

We started the day with Bloody Mary's and beignets. Which is a pretty damn good way to start any day, I think. 

SO, Mike made: homemade biscuits from Kevin Gillespie's cookbook, collard green's from Carla Hall, hoppin' John (I'm not 100% sure which recipe he used, but it was inspired from this episode), pork chops from our favorite local butcher Western Daughters, and bourbon pecan pie with a homemade crust (the crust had lard in it, so yeah, it was good). His meal turned out just straight up DELICIOUS.

And those are all the photos I took because I spent the rest of the day stuffing my gullet, watching Christmas movies, and hanging out with my little family. It was one of the most relaxing and tasty Thanksgivings ever.

And! We ate the hoppin John and collard greens leftovers for dinner the rest of the week with a fried egg on top and, oh man,so good.


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