Sunday, January 3, 2016


It's the end of the year and I have a blog, therefore this kind of post is required. Duh.

2015! You're over! I'm kind of sad and kind of glad. You were good and then bad and then good again and then kind of meh. That's every year though really isn't it?

We began the year living with my dad and step-mom to save money while we figured out where we were going to move for our DC jobs. It was freezing and gloomy, Mike did a ton of cooking, we both did a ton of drinking, the dogs were in giant backyard and all day grandpa naps heaven, and we hated our commute.

It snowed a lot and was freakin' crazy cold.

We moved! Again! This time to Denver. One year, I will have an end of the year blog post that doesn't involve us moving to another state. Maybe.

We love it here! Sunshine, beer, food, hikes, short commute, happy people, tons of's been good to us so far.

We celebrated four years of marriage by porking out at BruFrou and I still can't believe he's put up with me for four years.

I joined Orange Theory and actually really love it. The walks home after weekend classes are some of my favorite moments; I love walking around here.

I chopped my hair off and didn't cry about it once.

I went to Louisiana for work and it was miserably humid, but pretty and fun most of the time and there is a CROCODILE IN THERE AND NO ONE CARED THAT IT WAS GETTING OUT AND THERE WAS A KID NEARBY, WTF PEOPLE?!

The dogs are enjoying all the extra walks they get here because it's so sunny and the onsite dog park. They are not enjoying the noisy neighbors.

Mike cooked and baked his ass off this year and I ain't complaining.

Fall was gorgeous...I mean SERIOUSLY look at those leaves.

We took a trip to San Diego to visit my best friends and my new, perfect niece.

My sister got engaged!

We had the best flippin' Thanksgiving ever.

My mom and sister came for Christmas and it snowed which was freezing, but pretty.

The End. See ya' later 2015!


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