Monday, March 25, 2019


So, I used to link up and This Sunday Currently every Sunday and I actually really liked it. It was kind of a fun way to look back and see what I was reading/doing/thinking about. And it's a free blog post every week, so suck it.

Currently I am...

Reading: I just downloaded Outline by Rachel Cusk per an instagram post by Natalie Portman because I am very influencible (is that a word?). The night before last I finished You All Grow Up and Leave Me which was a really good mix of true crime and memoir. I liked it a lot.

Writing: Earlier I was writing job applications (hashtag unemployment) and now I'm writing this blog post, emails to my sister about RHWOA and emails with my mom and sister about the things we're grateful for today.

Listening: My pug Emma barking at me to pay her attention and the drying going. Soon, I'll be listening to the click of the dogs nails on the sidewalk when we take them for their daily walk. 

Thinking: That I'm so glad I've been pushing it so hard at the gym and holy moly my shoulders are going to hurt tomorrow. 

Smelling:  The orange I just ate. 

Wishing: That I will get a job I actually want, that our Paris trip will go well, and that my new therapist will be better than the last one.

Wearing: Grey workout leggings from Forever 21 that I got on super sale for like five bucks, a tank top from Mike's barber shop Proper Barber that is a barber sign in rainbow for gay pride, a hot pink sports bra, and some Nike's. 

Loving: That the weather has been so nice lately, sun!

Wanting:  This book that I requested for someone while volunteering for the library and it sounds good, this for our patio, this coat that I could never afford, and this pizza in my belly right now. 

Needing: To start doing ab workouts at the gym again, to start reading my new book, and to get up off my butt and go walk the dogs. 

Feeling: Anxious as always, happy because I just at half a pb&j and peanut butter always makes me happy, and excited for our upcoming trip.

Clicking: gmail, blogger, goodreads, facebook, amazon, pinterest, and the IMDB trivia for Captain Marvel since we finally watched it last night (so good!). 


My friend Ryan works part time for City on the Side and does side car tours of Denver and he took me out last week. It was super fun and a cool way to see the city. Go do it here!

After hearing Georgia on My Favorite Murder say that getting a pet camera helped her travel anxiety, we decided to try it out. It's also pretty fun to spy on the dogs. I caught Emma howling yesterday though, so that's not great...We bought this one. 


  1. You can do Sunday posts on any day you want because you don't know what day it is! Also, that coat is so cute! Also, why is Emma howling?!

    1. I'm pretty sure Emma was howling because the dog above us was crying. Or because she's just a bad little muggins. I yelled at her through the camera and she stopped.