Saturday, March 30, 2019

Good Eats

Mike and I have been eating mostly vegetarian for about two years now, so the recipes I share on here are going to look a little different. I say mostly vegetarian because if we're able to get local, sustainable fish, we will eat that and I fully plan to eat some meat in Paris. But we try our best. Here are some delicious recipes we have tried lately:

From Feasting at Home

These are so so so so good. They are filled with flavor, protein, and are super filling and satisfying. There are great layers of flavor and a little bit of everything. You feel super full, warm, and happy after one. Except, you also want to immediately eat another one. 

From BBC Good Food

Okay, truth time. I didn't know what halloumi was for YEARS. I'm pretty sure I thought it was a type of fish. But no, it's hearty, salty, delicious cheese! We've made a couple variations of this recipe and we love them all. This one is good and so is this one.

From Bon Appetit
THIS SANDWICH! This sandwich gives us emotional feelings, let me tell you. Mike actually found it in a Bon Appetit magazine while waiting in my fertility doctor's office. He spent a lot of time waiting out there while I got poked, prodded, and pinched. We didn't get a baby out of it, but we did get this sandwich which is...yeah not the same, but the sandwich is really effing tasty. Being veg, I miss just running to a deli and getting an easy sandwich whenever I want, so finding good veg sandwich recipes is so rewarding. This one is damn good and it turns your poop pink because of the beets, so that's fun right?

From Happy Veggie Kitchen
Oh man, these eggplant meatballs are so good. First off, don't add the feta. It's unnecessary. And I'm saying this as ME. The person who literally finished off a log of goat cheese the other night while Mike was asleep. It just doesn't need it and the feta didn't really go. Mike uses garlic breadcrumbs when he makes them, chickpea noodles for less carbs, and Rao's pasta sauce because it's freakin' delicious. We have used this recipe a couple ways: the one shown above with pasta, as a meatball sub, and as filler for raviolis. All were good, dude. These balls are gooood.

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  1. I can vouch for those eggplant meatballs and raviolis as made by Mike without the Feta. They are fantastic!