Thursday, August 18, 2011


I love to make lists.

As you've witnessed on here plenty of times.

It helps me get my jumbley thoughts in order.

It makes me feel more in control of things.

So it should come as no surprise that when Mike and I decided our baby fever was going to stick and we should start planning for one, that I've been all about pre-baby lists.

We've done up a mental 6 month checklist.

So far on the list we've checked off one big To Do:  get a new car.

I love my Mitsubishi.  She's been places.  She's seen things.  She's been hit multiple times, she's driven across country twice, she's moved my entire life over and over.  Love her.  But she's not quite big enough for a baboo to fit in.  Especially a baboo with a combination of mine and Mike's gigantic melon heads.

Mike, being who he is, went into insane research mode to find the perfect car.  We wanted something that would be good for baboo, but wouldn't make Mike feel like I cut his balls off and shoved them in my purse. 

We were pretty set on a CUV until I test drove one and realized I'm way too short and not nearly confident enough of a driver to be powering that much metal.

Mike finally settled on a Hyundai Sonata and recently went out of town without me, (see...I'm not a total control freak!), and got us the perfect one at a great deal.

We've named her Sonny and I love her.  Even though I'm still pretty much too nervous to drive her, but I love being a passenger in her.

I might just enjoy the newness of her a little longer before I move onto the rest of the checklist.


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