Friday, August 26, 2011

This Week

My boss told me I should be a hooker in China because there are millions more men than women there and I could "make a fortune."

He managed to say this without sounding creepy or sexual at all.  Just very matter-of-fact.

I have kendieverday so much on the brain that I now label all my outfits mentally with little arrows showing where I purchased them.

Today I am Gap, State Farm, Amazon, Premier.

I bet Kendi will never have a day that one of her labels will be State Farm.

Even though these tops are so well fitting and stylish.  HA.

I realized my nose runs when I do strenuous activities now.

Such as running.

And including sex.

So basically I'm awesome.

My husband attempted to help me find an outfit for an upcoming wedding we're going to.

He did this with an unintentional yet spot on e-mail impression of Tim Gunn.

This included the phrase, "That dress does absolutely nothing for me."

Back off ladies, that straight dude is mine.

I ran a mile without stopping for the first time this week.  Which is, at the same time, exciting and a little pathetic. 

I'm sticking with mostly exciting.

I woke up late every single day this week.

Which means I wore two very messy buns and two really messy ponytails and one really dirty hair day.


I realized that it's not a great idea to pour yourself a glass of wine at 10:00 at night, forget to drink it because you're obsessing over the layout of your blog, then chug it half an hour later right before you go to sleep.


I also realized I'm horrible at blog layouts.  All the blogs I love are done by photographers and graphic designers who also happen to be skinny fashionistas who are also hilarious.

I am none of those things.

But my mom thinks I'm funny.



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