Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is Us

This is Mike.
He doesn't mind when I take pictures of him while we're out to eat.
He photographs really well though.
Mostly because of his Native American cheekbones.

He loves beer.
And clothes.
Check out this little ensemble.

He has OCD, but the really handy kind where he cleans a lot.
He also eats more than any human being I know.
And did I mention those cheekbones?
I mean, check these suckers out.

I love him for how funny he is.
And smart.
And the fact that he's an amazing athlete.
But also really loves Wicked.
And pink bow ties.

This is me.

I take a lot of pictures of myself.
I don't photograph well.
Mostly because I'm super awkward and tend to pull faces.

I love reading and writing.
And clothes that I can't afford.
And reality tv.
And planning things.
I'm crazy, but in a mostly fun way.
I try to make the world around me funnier and happier.

Mike loves me because I force him to have fun.
I'm funny.
I talk enough for the both of us.
And I have really nice boobs.

This is us.
We bicker a lot.
About really stupid crap.
But we're honest with each other.
Sometimes to a fault.
We make each other better.
We agree on basically everything in life.
We love all the same things.
And hate all the same things.
Which is most things.
Cause we're kind of assholes.
We make each other laugh.
We are us.
And I love us.


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