Saturday, August 27, 2011

What to Wear

I'm having the hardest time finding an outfit to wear to a friend's wedding in October.  My problems are because of several reasons.  1)  I don't like spending over $20 on any item of clothing.  I'm used to being a poor college student and even though I'm married now, I still don't make very much  money and have a hard time considering my husband's money mine.  2)  I live in a town with no clothing stores.  Unless you count K-Mart and Wal-Mart.  And I do not.  Thankfully, the wedding isn't for another couple of months and I'm sure I can squeeze a trip to the motherland aka Banana Republic Outlet in before then so I should be fine.  If I could just buy my outfit now, damn the cost and damn my location, this is what it would be.

The dress is by Asos and I love it because it looks comfortable, but stylish.  I go for a flowy drape any day even though my husband hates it.  It's also only about $90 which is not bad, but I would never spend it on myself.

The shoes are by Rupert Sanderson and are about $795 so I will admire them from afar only.  I need to wear wedges or flats to this wedding because it's outdoors on grass and these are perfect because they're dressy, but still work for the setting.

The clutch was originally from, but I don't see it for sale anymore.  It's simple, scrunchy, and I could use it with all manner of outfits.

The earrings are by an Etsy seller named nervoussystem and they are gorgeous and delicate and only $50.  I love wearing gold jewelry and these would look great with the gold accents on the dress.  The bangles are by Priya Kakkar and are just blingy enough to brighten up this navy and black outfit.

If anyone wants to buy this outfit for me, go right ahead...a girl can dream!


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