Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

One of my most favorite bloggers Sydney at The Daybook has a recurring post called Awkward and Awesome.
She encourages all her readers to post theirs too.  
So here's mine.
Who wants to bet my awkwards always outnumber my awesomes?

  • the husband presenting me proudly with the running clothes he bought me and realizing they are bright yellow, skintight, see-through pants and a bright blue muffler thing for my head.
  • the next day biffing it on the sidewalk in the bright yellow, skintight, see-through pants in front of husband and skinning my knees.
  • reaching to pat my manager on the arm to comfort him during a bad day and having him walk away while my arm hung in the air awkwardly after him.
  • the dance I did after doing the first item under Awesome.
  • yelling at husband, accusing him of doing something with my registration sticker for him to answer, "I put it on your car."
  • the look husband gave me as I walked around the house carrying a glass of wine and singing "homework juice" loudly.
  • watching the West Wing episode where Zoey gets taken and right at the part where they find the ransom note, husband turns all the lights off in the house.  May or may not have peed a little.
  • being the one to figure out how to fix the lights being out in our living room before the husband did.
  • having a husband that will compliment your butt in your new embarrassing pants, pick you up after you fall face first in them, clean the entire house, and do the laundry all in one day.
  • tamales, left-over Chili's guac, and sour cream.  happy face.
  • re-runs of West Wing while organizing my shoes and jewelry.
That's all for now, my brain is fuzzy from school and homework juice.


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