Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting Ready

 I went to a beautiful wedding recently.
It was eclectic and relaxed and perfect.
I loved it.
Going to or looking at weddings always  makes me think of my own.
I can't believe it has already been six months.
(For our six month anniversary, I got Mike a book that I later found out he's been reading on the crapper. Good sign or bad sign?)
I started going back through my own wedding pictures and remembering moments from the day.
I decided to take an idea from a blog I love Twenty-Something and show more details from the different parts of my big day.

The first one is getting ready.
We had so much fun hanging out at the beautiful on-site spa, getting ready, taking silly pictures, and of course enjoying some champagne.
I look like a hobo, but whatevs, I was comfy!

My hair and makeup inspiration.  That I changed my mind about a week before the wedding.  Like you do.
Vanessa took like 20 minutes to get ready.  She's amazing.
The girls pre-glam having some champagne
K-Furg getting perty.

The schedule!
No makeup yet...I tucked that curly hair in ASAP.

Getting poofed.

Kristin's curly loveliness.

The gorgeous spa.

Getting zipped in by my mom and sister.
Kristin putting on my something borrowed, a pearl necklace that Mike's late father gave to her for their wedding.

Mike getting ready in our room.  So handsome!

This is how boys get ready. Brush hair, put on suit, drink.


  1. You can PhotoShop the table out.

  2. I need a nerdy friend with photoshop to do it for me.

  3. I'm having my friend Jasmine see if it'll be possible to Photoshop the table out of the shot while still making it look good. I'll let you know my findings. If anyone can do it, she can.