Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ceremony

After getting ready, taking 1,000 pictures, getting stressed out by taking pictures, seeing Mike for the first time, watching my parents be awesome seeing each other for the first time in years, and seeing a friend wearing a beer backpack, it was time to relax.
We had a little break of time in between picture taking and our ceremony which turned out to be a God-send.
We drank some champagne, danced, and kicked off our shoes.
After this, I felt the most relaxed I had all day and was ready to get married!
Our ceremony was officiated by one of our best friends, John.
He's someone I love like a brother, whose approval I constantly seek, and who I look at as an example of a man and husband.
He didn't tell us a word of what would be said at our ceremony.
All we knew was that he gave us a survey beforehand asking questions such as our favorite memories and nicknames for each other.
And from that and his experience and thoughts came a beautiful ceremony.
I posted it on here before and I still read it over and over.
I still can't believe I cried.
I'm no crier.
But he got me.
I could go on all day about our ceremony, it was the best part of the day and while I barely remember our reception, our ceremony is definitely an ingrained memory.
Instead of rambling, I'll just list some of my favorite moments from our ceremony:

The sweet look on my dad's face in all the pictures.
Getting to the end of the aisle and picking a bug off John's face in front of everyone.
Mike taking my hand when I started to cry; one of the top 5 most romantic moments in my life.
John whispering a line to us that no one else could hear.
John officiating using his iPad, I hadn't seen that done before and it was so him.
John mentioning my sister in the ceremony because he knows how important she is in my life.
Not being able to get Mike's ring on because his knuckle is so huge.
Walking back down the aisle to Bruno Mars and hearing my cousin Jason yell, "It's Bruno Mars!"
The end of the aisle dip and kiss.
Us walking away and not knowing where we were going and having to turn around in front of everyone.

What a happy moment in my life, what a lucky girl I am.

Dancing the stress away.
The girls & I right before walking down the aisle
My dad & I right before the ceremony
The boys on their way up the aisle led by John.




My dad and I
The beginning of the ceremony

Weepy bride

My mom looked beautiful.

Dad and Monica looking lovely

Trying to get the damn ring on.
The Big Kiss


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