Thursday, November 3, 2011

What We Wore - Wedding Edition

I'm one of only two brides I know whose groom may have cared more about what they were wearing than I did.
We're lucky though because both of our grooms looked amazing.
I love everything I wore on my wedding day.
I just wish I had done one last fitting so the top fit better.
I'm probably the only one staring at the fit in every picture though.
Except now you're going to.
Forget I said that.

Dress:  Melissa Sweet, Paris
I didn't buy it in Paris, the dress is named Paris.
How fancy would that have been?!
I love it because it's kind of weird (giant boob flower) and the back is fluffy and gorgeous. 
And it was super comfy.
And no wedding boob...that was Mike's only dress rule. 
He's a prude.

Hair Piece:  Etsy, Amie Noel Designs
I kept it and plan to attach it to a plain cardigan.  
I'm not a veil kind of girl so this was perfect for me.

Garter:  Mamie + James (gift, love you Candra!)
I want to put this in a shadow box on my wall.  
Is that weird?

Suit:  Macy's
Shirt:  Proper Cloth
You can actually buy this very shirt in Mike's proportions on Proper Cloth and Mike gets credit for it.
Know anyone that skinny?
Me neither.
Tie and Pocket Square:  Etsy, Tux & Tulle

My Shoes:  Zappos
Mike's Socks:  Express
Awkward Foot Positions:  My idea
Pasty Complexion:  From my dad

My favorite picture from the day and it shows perfectly the beautiful back of my dress, Mike's socks and my caboose.
Mike said nothing about wedding caboose.


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