Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Early Birthday To Me

Apparently my dad left me a voicemail telling me NOT to open the box he mailed me with unwrapped birthday gifts in it.
Thankfully, I didn't listen to it.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be wearing this super cute and comfy vest today.
Thanks dad!

I apologize for how sassy this picture is. I can be pretty obnoxious.

Vest:  Gift, Etsy
Tank:  Old Navy
Belt:  Gift, F21
Jeans:  KMart
Boots:  Gift, Steve Madden
Hair Clip:  Gift


  1. The vest is soooo... pretty
    love the everything about it
    Btw your fringe is damn cute
    Happy Birthday in advance

    I am following your blog now
    Hope you will visit mine too