Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five For A Couple of Weeks

I haven't done a High Five For Friday post in a while because...well...I haven't been in a great mood.
I've been stressed.
And fussy.
And had a cold.
And blah blah blah.
But I'm back bitches!
So here are the top five things from the last couple of whiny weeks.

(1)  Mike and I deciding that in spite of the complications, the opinions of others, and the fears, that we're going to go for it and do the big move.  I e-mailed him this picture after our decision with the subject line, "Shall we?"
(2)  This was Mike's view at dinner one night during his recent trip to Maryland.  Can't wait to join him there!
(3)  As much as I hated Mike being away, having a couple of girly nights was pretty nice.
(4)  The countdown to school being officially over...forever...and ever!
(5)  Nerdy, fun, boozy friend nights.  The best.

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