Sunday, September 2, 2012

On Being Lazy

Lately, I have been pretty lazy.

Grad school is winding down.

I've been sick.

And sleepy.

And stressed out beyond belief.

So I find myself on random days laying on the couch watching Sex And The City marathons.

And sometimes I feel super guilty about it.

I have a freakin paper to write in order to actually GRADUATE.

And yet

Sometimes, I don't feel so guilty about it.

I kind of feel like I need it.

So what I didn't work my ass off on that paper today?

I had a much needed lunch with an amazing girl.

I calmed down my ever nagging panic attacks.

I got rid (somewhat) of my chest cough.

And I was just effing lazy.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend literally the entire day in front of my computer working on my paper.

And it's okay I didn't do that today.

So yeah, sometimes I'm pretty lazy.

But at least I'm guilt free about it.

You know, at the moment.


  1. hey, it happened to me too when i was working on my paper. sex and the city marathon definitely a good reason to 'relax' a bit. at least that's an excuse i made for myself.