Sunday, September 2, 2012

House Tour

I was home sick a couple days this week
It sucked
By day two I got sick of sitting on my butt watching Sex And The City...which honestly I didn't know that was possible to get sick of
But I did
So I decided to grab the camera and scoot around the house taking pictures of my pug (the best subject ever) and to start a little house tour
I love seeing other people's houses
In magazines, in blogs, and best of all, through lit windows on a dark night
I live for that
So, in case you care, here is the first of probably a series of a tour of my silly little house

But first, the pug

Ugh, he's so cute

Okay, now to the house
This is our covered patio/sitting room/bar
When we bought the house, this whole room was bright yellow and had an ugly fake wood trim

You would not believe the amount of pug/corgi art in our home...we're freaks

Chairs:  World Market
Table:  World Market, Similar
And no, I didn't move the dog bed out because this is really what the room looks like (we have a dog bed in almost every room...did I mention that we're freaks?)

More on that horrendous DIY can be seen here

Our bar is a dresser that we stole from my mom and removed one of the doors

My mom bought this print when wine tasting during our wedding weekend, love it

We collect wine stoppers and the bro-in-law made us this to hold them in

So that's our sitting room
Did you guys fall asleep yet?


  1. hey! i like your style:) that "let it be" art is awesome and i think i am now going to make one too!

    1. Thanks Christina! Hopefully yours is straight and not wonky like mine!