Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DC Weekend

Right now, we have a very lovely, very tall, very not-ginger red-head visiting us from California.  Per usual, we've been using her trip as an excuse to eat anything and anywhere we want.  Other people's vacations are our fatcations it seems.  And I love it.

Saturday, we headed to Alexandria to pick her up at the airport and Mike and I stopped for a late brunch at Columbia Firehouse where I got eggs bendict made with fried green tomatoes and jalapenos which was just as delicious as that sounds, thank you.  And a bloody mary...of course.  We then walked around a bit and did some shopping and sweating because holy hell this weekend was HOT on the East Coast.  We cooled down by popping into Daniel O'Connells for some more bloody mary's.  Fun fact:  if the bartender at Daniel O'Connells asks you if you want your bloody mary mild or spicy and you say spicy it will BURN YOUR LIPS OFF.  If you say mild, they pour Guiness into the bloody mary to cool it down.  Now you know.

After our lip burning cocktails, we picked our guest M up at the airport and headed off to DC.  We spent the night at Hotel Rouge which, like all Kimpton Hotels, was perfectly lovely albeit incredibly confusing to get to for bumpkin out-of-towners like us.  Holy traffic circle confusion, batman.  We had dinner that night at Table which was GOOD.  Super cool/cute location, we were sat on the patio with a cool breeze which was lovely, the food was delicious, the portions were perfect, the service was great.  So so worth a trip, I tell ya'.  We followed up dinner with one of our favorite spots in the city, the Columbia Room at the Passenger.  Cocktails, ambiance, awesome bartender, good friends.  It was a great night.

And I took no pictures.

Because I'm the worst blogger ever?

Sunday, we headed out into the city to show M around and hit a couple of the Smithsonians.  M had twisted her ankle the night before (damn you adorable, giant wedges) so we took it much easier than we normally would have.  (Mike and I are museum speed-walking fiends)  We ended up at the cafe of the National Art Gallery drinking a bottle of Blanc de Blanc and eating dessert.  Who needs art when you have booze, I say?

Then we met M's cousin and his wife for some chatting, beers, and games at Penn Social.  Which was actually pretty darn fun.  Especially for my husband who has ADD and loves having things to do while drinking.  Also, any excuse not to talk to people, right babe?

So that was our DC weekend.  Oh DC.  I want to be in you all the time.

Too dirty?


  1. A little Guinness in a Bloody Mary makes my world go round!