Sunday, December 1, 2013

This Sunday Currently

Currently I am...

Reading: The third book in the Outlander series and I am officially sucked in and they just cast this guy as the lead dude in the tv show made off the books so yeah...I'm in.

Writing:  This blog of course and my Christmas card labels.

Listening:  We've had a very weird mix of tv/movies on in the background today from Elf to Dexter to soccer to Grey's Anatomy.

Thinking:  I have way way way too many cute sweaters on my wish list and that I should just buy some. Except I just spent $32 at the Forever21 online sale today so maybe I shouldn't...

Smelling:  The nasty sour candies I'm currently eating because that apparently helps when I feel nauseous. My body is weird.

Wishing:  That I had found all the boxes I needed at Target yesterday so I could finish shipping Christmas presents.

Hoping:  For December to go by really really quickly.

Wearing:  Nike under armour black pants, a hot pink tank under a black Nike long sleeved shirt, a white Nike sweatshirt, and my running shoes. 

Loving:  That I have step-mom made ragu waiting to be heated up in the fridge for dinner tonight and a tasty bottle of wine to go with it.

Wanting:  This gorgeous dress I found on Ebay.

Needing:  To change my clothes and straighten my hair for work tomorrow.

Feeling:  Sleepy and lazy and sad I have to go to work tomorrow.

Clicking:  My Amazon wishlist to delete things that are no longer for sale. My wish list is insane btw...I want way too many pieces of clothing.



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