Monday, December 30, 2013

Year In Review - Blog Style

Alright…everyone is doing it.  So I’m doing it too! (copy cat) Here is my Year in Review just like every other blog out there.


In January of this year we were still getting used to living in this strange land called the East Coast, we were experiencing our first real snow (and so were the dogs), we made our first trek to DC since our move, and I turned 30 and didn’t totally freak out about it.


In February, I came up with my Pinspiration posts which I just realized I need to do more of, I did a day in photos post which looking back, man being unemployed was cushy, I talked about fear and opened myself up to a new scary job opportunity, and I ended up saying no to the job anyways because it really wasn’t right for me at the time.


I spent most of March focusing on this diet and exercise plan I was a blog representative for that Mike and I quit doing because if we have to eat only protein and veggies for the rest of our lives in order to be thin, we’d rather be fat. Aside from that, my sister visited (yay!) and I finally got really super sick of being unemployed.


We made a trip to see the cherry blossoms, I had a really really boring Saturday and decided to document it and for some reason find this post really funny, I took some pretty photos at the wharf, and we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.


Most of May was taken up with Blog Every Day in May posts that are not all that interesting (I just don’t do well with prompts). Other than boring posts, we had an amazing trip to DC for our anniversary, I found a rare sunny patch in my dreary unemployment fog, and I wrote about my all-time favorite photo of me.


We had an awesome day at the Great Grapes WineFestival when Mike's brother was visiting, I got a job (!), the bloom is definitely off the rose now, but whatever dude, I was unemployed for 7 months, we visited our first East Coast beach of the summer, I started my job and remembered how un-fun being a working woman is, and we ran our first (and my last) mud run.


Mike’s mom visited and we took two great day trips, one to Historic St. Mary’s City and one to Sotterley Plantation. We had a beautiful hike where I almost got eaten by the world’s most giant snake, I had a blast at a bachelorette party in California, and I got surprisingly pro-America at the movie theater.


I survived my first concert season, but my foot almost didn’t, my watching way too much Bachelor and Bachelorette inspired this post about their oft-used word “spontaneity”,  and I really loved this goofy outfit.


Megan visited and we had an amazing trip to DC with her, Mike and I got schnackered on Labor Day, I took a really pretty boat ride at work, and I can’t stop talking about how happy being near wineries makes me.


We went to California for an amazing wedding and got to finally meet B (I didn’t blog about either of those things, but they’re worth mentioning) I shared why I’m such a chubby bunny (aka telling you all the shit I ate that day), I cheered myself up by talking about random things I’m good at, and we had a great time at Oyster Fest.


I wrote a random post worth sharing mostly because of the wedding photo and also because I find myself so funny, we had a great cooking class date night, I was cranky a lot, but this picture of a corgi in a hoodie helped cheer me up, and we had a lovely little Thanksgiving.


I shared my Christmas card insert that I’m pretty dang proud of, I realized that I look deformed when I run, we hit our one year anniversary of living on the East Coast, and we had a fun Christmas at home.

Here's hoping 2014 is even better!


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