Monday, July 7, 2014

Day Camping

 This year for 4th of July, Mike and I wanted to do something, but stay local and not spend too much money, so we decided to try out camping. We made a reservation at Point Lookout, about 20 minutes away from home, loaded up on camping goodies, and were pretty dang excited about it! We decided to take the dogs camping for their first time ever.

Tuffy was excited at first.

Gizmo just hates car rides.

The camp site was gorgeous. It was filled with trees that gave you plenty of shade and it was quiet and just lovely. And the bathrooms/showers are super nice.
Aside from the ticks you got if you ventured into the forest, it really was a great site.

The dogs were crazy excited from the beginning and would not calm down. I was glad they weren't barking a ton, but we couldn't get them to sit for any extended period of time and they both insisted on only laying in the dirt, weirdos.

Gizmo loves dirt.

The one time Mike sat down the whole trip.

The best part of camping really is the food, don't you think?

I got to relax a little and read by the fire while Mike ran around cooking and setting stuff up. 
Side note: camp fires are not nearly as fun when it's hot as hell out.

Annnnd then we were home and in bed by 10:30.
After we finished eating and hanging around for about 5 hours, Mike pointed out that the dogs still would not calm down or sit still and it was hot as all hell outside and it felt like it was going to rain and we just knew we were going to have a horrible night's sleep. So, we went home.
I felt kind of embarrassed that we went home so soon, but after about 2 minutes in the car, both dogs were passed out asleep so we knew we made the right decision.
I'm calling it day camping. You get the fun food, the outdoors, and still get to sleep in your own bed that night.
(Also it did end up raining later so I felt a little vindicated)

Our dirt laying dogs had to get baths the next day, so they officially hate camping.

And despite spraying on Deets every hour on the hour and sitting by a bug candle, I came home riddled with bug bites that I of course have lovely allergic reactions to. Never again, camping!

The end.

We're the worst.


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