Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Things I'll Never Do

Stealing another blog prompt from Juliette today, this time talking about things I'll never ever ever do. Here we go!


Pierce my nose. I have no problem with people piercing their noses. In fact, my sister looks really cute with a pierced nose. But she has these nice, tiny features on her face whereas I have giant facial features and bringing attention to the biggest part of my face, is probably not a great idea.
(Hashtag I have a giant nose)


Skydive or bungee jump. I don't like being scared or stressed out and I don't like heights so....no. Just no.

I couldn't find a good picture for this, but I guess it kind of shows my point. I mean, she pretty much looks dead.
(The weirdest via ever btw)

Dye my hair black. I'm too damn pale, I would look like a vampire. A chubby, slow vampire who loves cheese, but still a vampire.

Post to Girls Gone Wild on Reddit. No descriptive picture necessary for that, I reckon.

love this style

Wear these pants. I don't think this merits any further explanation...

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Take either the man kissing the bump picture or the topless picture when I'm pregnant. They skeeve me out so bad. Also, Mike would divorce me.


Work in sales. I just can't. If you say no to me, I say okay thank you, have a good day. I can't schmooze. I just don't have it in me.

Also, of course, I'd never kill anyone or like kick a bird and stuff like that, but those aren't fun blog answers, you know?

What are some things you would never ever do?

(I probably would kick a bird if it was harassing me, come to think of it)


  1. I am so with you on that pregnancy photo, the sales job and oh those pants!

    1. Orrr we could wear the pants topless in a maternity photo and try to sell people something in it!