Monday, March 2, 2015

Moving Right Along

So our move is moving right along (see what I did there?!) We were lucky enough to get to travel to Denver last weekend to check out the area and hopefully find an apartment. This was Mike's first time in Denver, so I was super nervous to see what he thought of it. Thankfully, he loved it and we found an apartment! The weather was not so stellar, but we are used to cold and snowy days from the last few years on the East Coast and we'll need to get ready for some snow storms if we're moving to Denver.

We were able to eat and drink at a bunch of great places (fat kids) and find what I think will be a perfect apartment for us (IT'S A TEN MINUTE WALK TO MY WORK HALLELUJAH!).

I'm super excited to become a part of this new, awesome team, especially since there are so many people on it that I can see Mike and I hanging out with and becoming friends with them. We have made no good friends since we moved here and, while we love hanging out with each other, you've got to have friends so you don't kill each other, right? We're excited for that possibility, but we also found our new favorite "old people who only hang out with each other" hangout when we stumbled into the nearby hotel The Brown Palace. We ended up hanging out there before dinner Friday night and for dinner and drinks Saturday night as well. There was this awesome guy playing the piano in the atrium who fell in love with us when we requested Vienna and super tasty drinks. The dinner was just straight up bananas crazy good and retro and fancy and we loved it. This place is historic and really cool and I can just see us spending way too many date nights alone having drinks here.

Also, a mom and her daughter were having a fancy tea next to us the second night and I think I saw Mike's ovaries skip a beat.

We left Denver with a cool ass downtown apartment lease in hand, even more excitement about our move, and about five pounds heavier.  Success!

Once we got an apartment, things started moving even faster and we are set to leave on our drive to Denver on the 8th. See you soon, Denver!!

The atrium at the Brown Palace

We sat in the booth where our waitress was proposed to, which made her super happy and she told us stories about all the famous people who have eaten there. Apparently, Boehner is incredibly picky, but a good tipper and Pelosi's secret service agents are hotties.

If you fly out of Denver, eat at Root Down. You will thank me.


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