Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saying No

So the other day I talked about not turning down things (ie: job offers) because of fear.
I went to sleep Sunday night ready to go into DC Monday and get this started.
I wasn't stressed out this time.
I didn't lose sleep.
I was organized, ready, and excited.
And then my meeting got cancelled because of a scheduling error.
And other issues came up.
And I sort of shook myself out of the haze of excitement that comes from being offered a job that isn't a desk job in a city that I love.
And realized.
Crap, this isn't the job for me right now.
So I said no.
And it sucked.
But I didn't say no out of fear which is new for me.
I said no after a bunch of heart-to-heart talks with my husband about how this job would actually work money-wise, commute-wise, schedule-wise, future-wise.
And other variables I won't put in a public blog.
And honestly, I've talked them all so much to death I can't really remember my reasons this morning.
But it's a no.
And I hate saying no.
Especially to things that are cool and possibilities and different.
And especially since at this point I probably will end up with a boring desk job.
But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
And at least I'll look cute at my desk, right?

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  1. I hate saying no too, especially if I get excited about something, OR have invested a lot in it.

    1. It's so hard! I wish I was more of a hard-ass about it!

  2. Reading via CapFabb this morning! Ha, I wish I could say "no" more! I've always been a "Sure!" "Yes" "Of Course" when 90% of the time it would end up making me more miserable just so I could please others. I've just started to say No more...maybe too much. But I don't know, I like it! And it might be fear for you or maybe that fear is really you just telling yourself "this isn't for me". I've quit a lot of stuff too. But in the end, it led me to the right places and right people. I've been in the DC area for almost 10 years (omg I never planned on it). If you have the luxury, take your time finding something you'll enjoy around here. Sometimes this place can be soul sucking. It really helps if you can eventually work with great people or really like what you do!