Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting Good At Stuff

I figured out one of my problems that has been plaguing me since I became unemployed and since I've been having issues with this blog.
I don't have a thing.
The blogs I love and the people that inspire me all usually have a thing.
Nat is an amazing writer and mother of the cutest kid on the planet.
Apollina has her amazing cakes.
Andrea  has her letterpress.
Cotton & Curls refabs old clothes with her awesome sewing skills.
And there are tons more amazing blogger girls out there with varying things.
(That sounds dirty)
But I don't have a thing.
In blogging or in life.
I'm funny.
I'm short.
I can sing okay.
I can write okay.
I can do the Elaine dance like nobody's business.
But none of those things are really a thing.
You know?

So while I'm unemployed and home alone all day.
Instead of continuing to be a whiner.
I decided to try my hand at stuff.
Any stuff.
Random stuff.
So my new project is Getting Good At Stuff.

My first Getting Good At Stuff post will be tomorrow.
Anyone that wants to join, put a link to your blog posts about Getting Good At Stuff in the comments sections of my posts.
And anyone with suggestions of what I should get good at, let me know!
(I'm already really good at eating cheese, so don't suggest that one)


  1. What about wine and cheese/food pairings? Is that a thing you can be good at? You'd have to drink a lot of wine and cheese, etc...oh no, how will you manage?

    1. Ohhhhh good plan my friend! You sure do know the way to my cheese filled heart.

  2. Ooooh, I like it! I vote for planks :)

    Btw, you're really good at reading, dressing yourself, shopping on a budget, and decorating your house.

    1. Good suggestion...I think you're going to like my first post tomorrow! ;)

      And thanks, you're so sweet Loo.