Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Sunday

Hello All!
I've done about five hundred Pinspiration posts today because I'm a little obsessed with the idea and it allows me to sit in front of the computer and watch Bachelor all day in my pjs.
This weekend has been lovely so far with a quick trip to Annapolis for tea, errands, dog park, movies, smooches, and did I mention pjs?
The Getting Good At Stuff - Working Out has been going well; we've done the treadmill routine three times so far and it kicks our butt every time.
I didn't complain about going to the gym once this week and that's a big deal for me (I'm a whiner).
I haven't showered yet today.
I freaked out at the dog park because some idiot left both gates open and Gizmo got out.
Even though we caught him, I've been freaking out inside ever since picturing what could have happened.
Which in turn makes me want a cocktail.
But I'm going to wait until five four.
This is a pointless post, but I figured I should post something that wasn't Pinspiration.
And I like to ramble.
So happy Sunday lovies!


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