Friday, February 1, 2013


I stole this post idea from Alissa.
It's an easy blog post.
It involves lists.
I'm in!

10 Favorite TV Shows:
1.  West Wing
2.  30 Rock
3.  Seinfeld
4.  The Office
5.  Lost
6.  X-Files
7.  Sex In The City
8.  Sherlock
9.  Gilmore Girls (I know I know)
10.  Dexter

9 Favorite Movies:
1.  White Christmas
2.  Closer
3.  Every Harry Potter movie
4.  The original 3 Star Wars
5.  When Harry Met Sally
6.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
7.  Dirty Dancing
8.  Pirates of Penzance
9.  Bridesmaids

8 Favorite Musicians:
1.  The Beatles
3.  Any cast of any Broadway musical any time
4.  Band of Horses
5.  Florence + The Machine
6.  Gotye
7.  Old 97's
8.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs

7 Things I'm Loving:
1.  These boots.
2.  This site.
3.  This blog.
4.  This project.
5.  This article.
6.  This book.
7.  This restaurant.

6 Places I Want To Visit:
1.  Greece
2.  Amsterdam
3.  Italy
4.  Paris
5.  Hawaii
6.  Australia

5 Things I'm Not Loving:
1.  Being unemployed.
2.  Winter weight.
3.  Not having a car.
4.  The series finale of Fringe (so bad).
5.  Unemployment claim shenanigans.

4 Things I'd Rather Never See Again:
1.  Ex-boyfriends...they should all disappear after the breakup right?
2.  A gynecologist.  I mean, I will but I'd rather not.
3.  Abraham Lincoln Vampire so so so bad.
4.  A negative bank account.

3 Things I'd Like To Do This Year:
1.  Get a job.
2.  Get a car.
3.  Go to Harry Potter World (haha NERD).

2 Facts About Me:
1.  I love lists.
2.  I hate wearing pants.

1 Meaning Behind My Blog Name:
This blog served as a major distraction from the awfulness that was grad school.


  1. Let's talk about how bad Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was. Horrible, right? So damn horrible.

    Did you read the book? I loved it. I couldn't get through 20 minutes of the movie.

    I love lists, too! I'm glad you did this - I enjoyed getting to know you better :)

    1. The book was good and movie was SO BAD! I can't even explain it to people who haven't seen it. SO BAD.

  2. Good to know, I was acutally thinking about buying Abraham Vampire hunter on demand. nevermind! I really want to go to Harry Potter world too :)

    1. Don't do it!! Read the book, it's much better!

  3. totally with on the greece thing, i want to go there. SO BAD.

    also the winter weight..meh. where is this warm weather to inspire me?!

    i'm a list maker by nature, so love this!

    1. I heard it's a great time to go to Greece right now too, it's pretty cheap over there right now!