Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Silly Little Surprisingly Pro-America Post From A Turd (Great Title Val)

I'm not normally one for the super amped pro-America stuff.  It actually kind of makes me uncomfortable and causes major eye rolls.  Which might make me a turd but come on, sometimes it deserves eye rolls.  My husband works on a Navy base and we've gone to the movies on base a couple of times. It's a small theater that charges only $4.50 per ticket and $3.00 for popcorn which is kind of amazing and small-town and adorable and I love it.  The best part about going to see movies in this theater though, is that before the previews, a message comes on the screen that says, "Please stand for your national anthem."  And everyone in this little theater stands up and puts their hands over their hearts.  And our national anthem plays while a patriotic and surprisingly non-cheesy video plays on the screen.  And as much as amped up pro-America stuff usually causes eye rolls from this little turd, standing in that movie theater with my hand over my heart, knowing that a large majority of the people standing around me with their hands on their hearts left military uniforms at home when they came to watch this movie makes me feel proud.  And I love it.  Because it's so small-town.  Because it's such a "Navy base" thing to do.  Because it's such a sweet little way to show pride in why this theater is here and why these people are here and why this base is here.  And it makes me even happier we moved here because the people on this base are so proud of what they do and because this base provides so many things for them and their families like this small theater with its low prices.  And it always makes me smile.  No eye rolls here.

Side Note:  Man of Steel is awful.  Mike owes me for making me see that one.  EYE ROLL.


  1. I have never heard of a theater doing this before but it really is a great idea!