Sunday, July 7, 2013


Mike is out dropping his mom off at the airport and golfing with my dad so I am home alone and am currently...

Still drinking the same cup of coffee that I keep forgetting about and letting it get cold
Eating the m&m's my mo-in-law left behind for breakfast
Counting down the time until I throw away the coffee and make a bloody mary
In pjs with a giant stain on the leg 
Covered in bug bites.  Like, you guys, this isn't an exaggeration.  I have about 20 on me.  And they ITCH.
Blogging and reading blogs for the first time in ages (like 5 days...that's a long time to me)
Editing photos from this week and writing actual blog posts, not weird list ones like this one (my favorite kind)
Taking obnoxious pictures of my sleeping dogs
This is his "Dear God, please bugger off" face.

Thanking my lucky stars those dogs let me sleep in past 8 today.  I needed it.
Needing to get up and do laundry.
Needing to shower and shave my legs except I'm scared of shaving off a giant bug bite in the process (TMI?)
Trying not to spend the entire day unshowered and reading the third Game of Thrones book that I am currently super sucked into (RED WEDDING WHAT?!)
Hoping and dreaming that work will get better next week and I will not feel so useless and sad all day when I'm there.
Weirdly stressing out that I didn't do my Bachelorette recap last week because the mo-in-law was here
Trying to decide whether or not to try to stretch out my new shoes or return them
Missing being alone with my husband
Dreading taking the dogs for a walk later today (it's HOT and HUMID)
Getting excited for my California trip while at the same time wishing I had lost more weight first (chicks, man)
Hating my hair in every picture I edit of myself
Excited to wear my new shirt to work tomorrow

I am so boring.
Tomorrow's post will be better.
What are you guys currently doing?