Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I started writing my Weekend Shenanigans link up with Sami last night, but then I had a major freak out about student loans and money and life and I ended up sitting in my husband's lap while he rocked me like a baby.  It wasn't cute.  BUT it did get me out of running and earn me a giant glass of red wine.  WINNER.  So....even though it's late....here's what we did this weekend!

Saturday we went to the gym where I worked super hard AKA took pictures of my feet on machines while Mike wasn't looking

Then we ran a bunch of errands and headed off to Greenwell State Park .  I've loved exploring all the parks and beaches in our area.  They are always so effing beautiful, it makes me happier and happier to live here each time.
I had a funny moment while at Greenwell when I realized that you can definitely tell you're at an East Coast beach when you're spraying bug spray all over yourself and not sunscreen.
We bought one of these sets to play with at the beach because Mike gets bored of just laying out and reading: 

It turned out to be super fun and Mike taught me how to properly throw which was cute.  I'm awful btw.  Anyone surprised??  Also, my throwing arm is still sore.  Mike finds this hilarious.

We spent the rest of Saturday watching soccer, reading, and being lazy bums.  My favorite.

Sunday, we ran some more errands and then went to see Man of Steel which I talked about here.  I didn't buy movie theater popcorn.  I was so proud.  Except then the movie was boring and I was sad I didn't have popcorn to make me happy, but we sat in the middle of an aisle and I didn't want to crawl my fat ass over a bunch of people to then have to crawl back over them with 1,500 calories of popcorn clutched in my sweaty little hand.  So...I guess I shouldn't be that proud of myself.

After the movie, we made this tasty pizza and hung out at home.
It was a pretty lovely little weekend, especially since I got to sleep in both days.  Finally!

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