Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beach Day!

One of the things I love most about our new town is how accessible everything is.  Sometimes when I tell people that I moved here from California, they look at me flabbergasted.  How on EARTH could you leave California for this place?! I think that most people think all of California is beaches and Los Angeles and just, well, cities.  But when I tell them that we were in the middle of the desert, they tend to get why we would love it in this water and tree filled town.  This summer, we are definitely trying to take advantage of being near beaches.  They're not the California beaches we're used to, but they're also not as damn far away and inconvenient as the beaches we're used to.  Saturday, we decided to give the beach on our base a try since we'd never been there before and the weather was gorgeous.  I personally think it's pretty darn cool that our base has a free public beach among other things.

Except, you know, that it's pretty infested with jelly fish.

So yeah, don't go in the water.

Here are some (cell phone) pics of our beach day.  I'm sad I didn't capture either of us getting attacked (with licks, not bites) by some guy's dog every time we tried to lay on our backs.  Or the giant tough dude pouting after his first jelly fish sting.  Or the walk we took collecting shells for a jar in our house (that's required if you live near a beach right?  Cliche and required.)

All in all it was a lovely little beach day.  Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

Oh this guy.

This is before we saw a bunch of jelly fish and I squealed at him to get back.

Alright, I might be picking a wedgie here, but it's still a semi-flattering picture unlike the others Mike took of me.  Enjoy my GIANT caboose in your face.  And yes, this one is formatted smaller than the others.  It was scarier that size...


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