Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Weekend of Gluttony

Thursday, the 30th is our four year anniversary (what?!) so we decided to celebrate early by eating and drinking our faces off at BruFrou. Our celebrations pretty much always revolve around food and booze, it's our thing (fat kids).

And we had a blast.

And I didn't throw up.

So, yeah...score!

It was held at Wings Over the Rockies which I can't wait to go back to sober and not stuffed with food and also I really want to know why the theater is named after Harrison Ford?

Mike wasn't happy at all...

One day I'll photograph better...

A big group of Star Wars nerds petitioned to keep this replica fighter thingy in Denver and won and it's kind of awesome.

Just casually flying a jet...NBD.

Then Gizmo helped Mike recover from how full his stomach was and we spent the rest of the day laying on the couch watching tv and moaning.

Today, it was raining and we probably should have recovered from our binge day at BruFrou, but instead, we went to brunch at Lucille's where you have a crazy long wait, but they have an outdoor bar open that serves cocktails, coffee, and beignets and then I ate red beans, poached eggs, hollandaise, and cheesy grits for breakfast.

Did I need to have two of these? No I did not. Will I no longer be working out later today? Probably...

Worth the mess.

The moral of this blog is happy early anniversary to my man and also, this is why I'm fat.

Worth it!


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