Thursday, April 16, 2015

Want it Wednesday...a day late

It feels like Friday, but apparently it's only Thursday which means yesterday was Wednesday.

So here's what I wanted...yesterday.

Atlantic-Pacific: a trip down memory lane
This dress and a fabulous summer party to wear it to.

But this is my workplace after
To decorate my apartment walls like this.

This kitchen except that shelf would be covered in cookbooks. 

Matisse Fonda Tan
These sandals. I am in desperate need of sandals this year, all mine are falling apart.

Nehalem Falls - Fabletics
This super comfy outfit to relax in.

Mara Hoffman Maxi Tank Dress
This maxi dress and a trip to somewhere tropical where I can wear it.

Most beautiful pool with a breathtaking view of Amalfi!
Like, how about a trip here for instance?

To not be totally terrified that I'm joining Orange Theory on Monday.

Before I Go To Sleep
Time to read more (get off the internet then, Val) books like this one that's on my list.

And a nap.

And 10 less pounds.

And a baby.

I ask for so little you guys...

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  1. Hehe :) I would love to have all those things, especially the first dress! ;) Btw, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :) see my page for details! ;)