Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Scenes From Our Hikes

By far our favorite Colorado tradition has been going on hikes every Saturday. There are so many amazing trails around here that we can't wait to try. So far, we've done the Chautauqua Trail in Boulder twice and the Beaver Brook Trail in Golden.  It's so beautiful all around you while you're hiking, that it makes even working out seem fun. Almost. Mike is never happier than when he's outside running around or crawling over a branch to cross a creek. It's cute and also terrifying because I am horrible at this crap. Haven't fallen into a creek yet though! (Famous last words) When we hiked Beaver Brook, we kept fining it odd that everyone passing us was going the opposite way. We figured we were just going a weird way since we are always lost on trails. We realized why everyone went the other way when the entire last hour of our hike was completely uphill and covered in snow. Whoops. We really need to learn to read trail maps.

We follow up each hike with a visit to a nearby brewery. Because, well, we earned it right?

I finally got a new camera cord, so here are some photos Mike has taken on our hikes.

Colorado, we love you!

The dude behind me was running. Running. Screw you, man.

And then we saw a pug so we of course took photos.

This so truly portrays Colorado. One half of the trail was covered in snow and the other was dry and warm. 

Creeks are stupid.


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