Friday, June 5, 2015

Hey There

Hey yeah so I'm alive. I am rarely on the computer for fun any more because I'm busy or laying on the couch snuggling a pug. Which is sad because I miss blogging, but also good because too much internet is not good for sensitive weirdos like me.

But yeah hey! I'm still here.

Here's what we've been up to lately with photos.

This is a lazy blog post.

Ready go.

We had our first cocktail party in Denver and I came home that day to find Mike had made these super cute cocktail menus and bought very blogger-worthy straws. He's the cutest.

I work from home a lot on the weekends and sometimes Tuffy supervises. He doesn't suffer laziness.

He lives a hard life, this pug.

My mom came to visit! We had a fancy birthday tea at the Brown Palace and it was deeeelish.

Hey handsome.

When Mike and I honeymooned in London, the royal couple had just been married so I got my sister an embarrassing royal wedding mug. To carry on tradition, on her recent trip to London, she came back with this equally embarrassing royal baby mug. Love it.

We are super sick of the rain, so when it's sunny out, we go hiking as much as possible. Look how dang beautiful it is here!

Is there anything better than post-hike homemade icecream at the General Store?

Finally breaking in our Boulder Passport. First, at Fate (where I got my first sunburn of the Spring/Summer, youch).

Then at Finkel & Garf where we got to pet the world's friendliest dog.

We should try new places, we really should, but we can't quit you Mercantile.

When the weather is nice, Mike plans things for us to do after work on week days like walking to far away breweries or taking the dogs to the park. We're so excited to have found this gorgeous park near our house. 

So that's what we've been up to lately, drinking, walking, hiking, snuggling pugs, working, whining when it rains, working out, binge watching Mad Men, and planning trips. Life is pretty good. (But please stop raining)


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