Sunday, June 14, 2015


There are three things really really bothering me right now, but I can't talk about them on here because I'm the dummy who tells people in my real life about my blog. And I'm not that big of a douche that I would still blog about it. I mean, I'm a douche, but not that douchey, you know?

So, instead of bitching about those three annoying things, I'm going to talk about three random things I like. Make sense?

space saving table in various colors for small balcony decorating

This cool space saving balcony thingy found here. This is perfect for city living folk like us. Now if only we could actually open our sliding doors and use this instead of leaving them shut to drown out the the douchebags at the pool.

Orange is the New Black is back!  Good thing I just bought Mike a video game he's obsessed with because I'm going to be spending a lot of time holed up in bed watching this.

Corgi photos on Reddit or anywhere really. Corgi photos make everything better.

That's all I got.


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