Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Today So Far

I've been working a weird afterhours shift this last week so I ended up having today off. The shift kind of sucked, to be honest, and I wasn't super looking forward to having one of my days off mid-week. But, I can't lie, today has rocked so far.

First, I had an amazing workout. Seriously Randy, I love/hate you so much.

Then I got myself a tasty coffee for the walk home.

I took the longer, more scenic route home and enjoyed how beautiful Denver is on a day like today.

Once I got home, I met these two sillies at the dog park and spent the whole time bragging to Mike about my workout (it's a rare thing that I feel good after a workout!).

(Tuffy would like some pickles, thanks)

Then a really cute guy made me a tuna melt with some super tasty local pickles that I got to eat on the couch while watching Mad Men.

I mean? Today is pretty great so far. Maybe I should shower now...


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