Saturday, June 27, 2015

You Probably Didn't Know

Stole this blog idea from one of my faves East & Blog and one of the absolute nuttiest The Other Juliette.

You probably didn't know...

1)  I'm legitimately scared of the dark. As in, I will full speed run to my room from the kitchen at night if it's dark.

2)  I feel anxious about 80% of the time. I'm currently relaxing on the couch watching a movie with my husband after a great night and my chest hurts and my heart is pounding with anxiety for seemingly no reason.

3)  My husband calls me baby toots as a pet name. No idea where it came from.

4)  I'm really weirded out by textures. If I bite into a food and the texture feels off from how it should be, I have to stop eating because I get so grossed out.

5)  I used to constantly take my clothes off in public when I was little. I still 100% would if I wouldn't get arrested. I really hate wearing pants.

6)  I rewatch Smash all the time, I can't help it.

7)  I am obsessed with short haircuts, but don't look good with them at all.

8)  I spend way too much time reading Reddit and Facebook comments about my employer because they are simultaneously frustrating and hilarious.

9) I really want to have a baby soon, but I'm also really scared we'll become those obnoxious parents who think the world revolves around them. Related side note: our restaurants don't have changing tables, get over it. Go change them in the car like our parents did. The world does not revolve around you!!

10) I throw up a lot. Like a lot. My sister likens me to a nervous chihuahua.

11) I'm sad I haven't had a cocktail yet today.

The end.


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