Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: I'm still reading Outline by Rachel Cusk because I've been a bad reader lately and this one requires you to actually pay attention. For our upcoming trip, I borrowed Under the Dome by Stephen King and Looker by Laura Sims. 

Writing: So far today, a couple of job applications (I really need to start changing my resume every time and I just cannnn't), and this post.

Listening: It's actually super silent in here except for my fizzy water making bubbly noises and my fingers on the keyboard.

Thinking: That I wish I had gotten more sleep last night and my dreams SUCKED.

Smelling:  Coffee.

Wishing: That my anxiety will calm the eff down before our trip.

Wearing: Pajama pants with gnomes on them (I love gnomes), a blue tank top, and an old scruffy gray Jcrew cardigan that has no less than three holes in it. Oh, and slippers that I realized I've had since before Mike and I got together and my mom is pretty sure I stole from her. 

Loving: That today is back day at the gym, which shouldn't be too bad.

WantingThese shoes and a fun Spring event to wear them to, this torte for breakfast (dessert is always better at breakfast), this good of outfit layout photo taking skills (wait until you see my Paris outfits post), and this book to read instead of watching too much reality tv.

Needing: To finish packing for our trip, to print out a bunch of things, to make my resume better, and to trim my bangs.

Feeling: Anxious after a bad night of sleep and bad dreams, sleepy, and ready to get up and start my day.

Clicking: gmail, blogger, Pinterest, Goodreads, this article that Mike sent me, and Indeed.


Cute sleepy pugs. This one likes to get up at 4:30am every day or she will climb on your (aka Mike's) head until you get up. Then she's back dead asleep like this by 7:00am. Pug monster.

I started a new therapist and this one has a dog that sometimes comes to your sessions. I'm hoping she'll be there today!


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