Thursday, April 25, 2019


Currently I am...

Reading: I'm a few pages away from finishing The Skeleton Crew, just finished (and unashamedly loved) Next Level Basic, and am about to start Code Name: Lise.

Writing: Emails and notes on work shiz.

Listening: To Mike getting dinner ready and the dogs running around.

Thinking: That I'm happy I made it through my work trip and my first full day of work with little to no stress!

Smelling:  Dude, it's me again? I just went for a run and I smell musty!

Wishing: That it was a couple weeks in the future and I was awesome at my job already. Also, that I was better at running.

Wearing: Old Navy blue and black flowered workout leggings, Target black workout shirt, and Asics running shoes.

Loving: That the weather is so great here right now and everything is finally getting green! Also that we saw three fluffy little owls on our run.

WantingThis backyard, these booties, this super cute house, and to already be showered and in my pjs because I'm lazy.

Needing: To take a shower before dinner and plan my outfit for tomorrow.

Feeling: Sleepy, hungry, and anxious.

Clicking: gmail, Blogger, comparison shopping food delivery services for while Mike is gone (I went with Green Chef), and work stuff.


These two lazy bums make me very happy.


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